Halloween Costumes……..?


So this is about if people go too far with what they wear on Halloween. I understand that people think that this can be offensive. I also understand that people shouldn’t really care. In my opinion, I think that costumes that depict a stereotype of someone’s culture may not racist if it is not intentional. But, it does make the stereotype seem ok to depict and it may become a standard that a person of a particular race or culture has to feel restricted by ignorant peers. People may feel that what they wear is funny, but through the acceptance of this, it just makes it seem ok to other people. I have had enough racist comments about me that may seem like a good way to blow off steam, but it doesn’t feel great to me.

Also, when people make stereotypical costumes about their own culture, it is not really ok if they do it because they are a part of their culture. I mean that it could be ok for them to do it because they can just shrug it off, but it can be a big negative factor of someone of that same culture. It can also make it seem ok to do it now that it is ok for someone else to do it. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion on it I guess.

Some may agree, others might not. Whatever.


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